As a firm holding a criminal franchise we are able to undertake publicly funded work (Legal Aid Work).

Your entitlement to Legal Aid will firstly be dependent on which stage the proceedings (against you) have reached and then may be subjected to interests of justice and means testing. We have outlined what this means below.

We can assure you that every avenue will be explored to try and secure you public funding, if you are NOT eligible for public funding then we can provide a privately funded service at a highly competitive rate.

Our private fees will be a fixed fee and the amount of fee payable will be dependent on the complexity of your case, the court you are attending and the type of hearing you require representation at.

We provide an initial half hour interview for free, at which we can explore your likely eligibility for public funding and give you general advice about your case.

Police Investigation Stage

If your case is still only at the police station stage then public funding is afforded to you as an absolute right. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING FOR REPRESENTATION AT THE POLICE STATION.

Magistrates and Crown Court Stage

Who gets legal aid?

Legal Aid is granted to an applicant who has passed the Interests of Justice test and does not have the financial means to fund their own representation in a magistrates' court.

The means test in the magistrates' court establishes whether an applicant is financially eligible for legal aid. It only considers income and expenses at this stage capital assets are not included.

Her Majesty's Court Service (HMCS) staff apply the test once they receive a correctly completed application form.

At the crown court the legal aid eligibility criteria changes. You will still be required to submit to the court a written application for legal aid. However, the tests that the court applies when assessing the application is more complicated

The "interests of justice" criteria still applies. However, the court will then move on to carry out a more in depth assessment of your means to ascertain whether you should be making a financial contribution to your legal aid.

For further advice regarding possible contribution levels and possible contribution to defence costs orders please contact us and speak to one of our solicitors.

Explanation of the means tests

If you wish to test your eligibility then please feel free to use the Calculation Calculator provided by the Legal Services Commission.

Explanation of the Interests of Justice test

The Interests of Justice test determines whether an applicant is entitled to a Representation Order based on the merits of the case. This is also known as the "Widgery Criteria".

The applicant must indicate which of the following criteria they believe apply to their case:

Court of Appeal

We also undertake extensive appeal work. We have a department that specifically deals with appeals to the Court of Appeal and Referral to the Criminal Case Review Commission (CCRC).

In some cases public funding is available for this kind of advice. Please contact us for further advise.

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