Recent cases

R v A

Assassination shooting of a rival gang member (see Appellate: R v Jones and others) Appellate

Category: Organised/Financial Crime

R v Ahmed

Defendant charged with multiple deaths by dangerous driving.

Category: Serious Crime

R v Ahmed

Appeared for first defendant, a restaurateur, charged (along with five others) with kidnapping, false imprisonment & perverting the course of justice. Prosecution alleged he was ring leader in a plan to kidnap two of his waiting staff. Case involved very lengthy cross-examination of both complainants as to substantial discrepancies in their accounts of events as well as their involvement in a credit card skimming operation at the restaurant. Case also involved cross examination of "vehicle tracking" expert. Defendant acquitted of all charges following a 5-week trial

Category: Organised Crime

R v Arno & others

A substantial VAT ‘phoenix' fraud . Prosecution case involved over 10,000 pages of evidence.

Category: Organised/Financial Crime

R -v- Bromley and Others

Representing the first defendant in a multi-handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs and firearms. The defendant was accused of being responsible for the widespread distribution of high purity and value cocaine across the Essex region and was believed to have run his operation from his secluded address in Essex. Investigated by undercover officers from the Essex Serious Crime Division who infiltrated the "gang network" and carried out over a year of covert surveillance on numerous defendants.

Category: Organised Crime

R -v- Cornwell and others

Represented defendant on a 19 handed indictment alleging conspiracy to steal. The prosecution related to an organised crime syndicate responsible for targeting ATM cash machines around the country and stealing thousands of pounds after smashing open the machines with heavy duty machinery. Following negotiation with the Crown, the defendant pleaded guilty to one substantive allegation of theft and was sentenced by way of a non-custodial sentence.

Category: Organised/Financial Crime

R v D

A nine-handed gang kidnapping and prolonged rape involving a 14 year old defendant who was said to have led a group of youths on a revenge attack upon a former girlfriend of a similar age.

Category: Serious Sexual Assault

R v Dyce

Representing a young lady of previous good character charged with the double murder of her boyfriend and great-grandmother. It was apparent from the very early stages of the proceedings that the defendant was mentally unwell and was expeditiously transferred to Broadmoor Hospital. Following examination by eminent psychiatrists who declared the defendant to be "one of the most ill patients" they had ever examined and assessed, she was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.

Category: Homicide & Corporate Manslaughter

R v Dhillon

Acting for the defence in 5-handed cut-throat murder involving multiple issues of bad character.

Category: Homicide & Corporate Manslaughter

R v Dumitri & others

A multi- handed fraud committed against the DWP. Prosecution case involved over 10,000 pages of material.

Category: Organised/Financial Crime

R v Garip & others

A multi-handed people smuggling case involving the largest investigation into human trafficking ever conducted by the Metropolitan Police. In this case successful use of the "Goodyear" procedure. Having carefully considered the strength of the case, Garip pleaded guilty, on an agreed basis and having received an indication as to sentence. He received a sentence which was very much less the other defendants who contested the trial.

Category: Organised Crime

R v Gordon & others

A multi- handed million pound tendering fraud committed during the construction of The Millenium Dome.

Category: Organised/Financial Crime

R v Hall

Defendant charged with multiple deaths by dangerous driving.

Category: Serious Crime

R -v- James

Representing male defendant charged with the murder of an Asian youth in the Beckton area following an alleged road rage incident. Prosecution alleged that it was a pre-planned revenge attack on a defenceless youth who was repeatedly stabbed in the street and left to die. The defendant denied participation in the killing albeit that he accepted presence at the scene. He ran a "cut-throat" defence against his co-defendant who was extradited from Jamaica during the course of the proceedings. Acquitted after trial.

Category: Homicide & Corporate Manslaughter

R v Jamil

Large Money Laundering case based in the North of England. Multi-handed case involving huge sums of money and the hawala banking system. Defendant Mr Jamil was acquitted.

Category: Organised/Financial Crime

R -v- Kaur-Singh

Representing a young mother prosecuted for the murder of her 12 year old severely autistic son after he consumed a cup of bleach and the defendant also attempted to take her own life. This was a case that reached the national news due to the nature and gravity of the allegation, as well as the suggestion that Social Services involvement in the family arrangements were to be called under investigation. The defendant pleaded not guilty to murder and was convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Category: Homicide & Corporate Manslaughter

R v Khan

Defending in a complicated confiscation hearing which involved legal argument on benefit and a contested hearing on the defendant's available amount. Questions of proprietary interests (resulting trusts) and tracing arose.

Category: Organised / Financial Crime

R v L

Acting for the defendant in multiple knife-point rape of prostitutes; admissibility of unproven rape as bad character evidence; admissibility of previous ‘false' complaints.

Category: Serious Sexual Assault

R v Najafpour

Acting in a £20 million hawalha banking money-laundering conspiracy (VHCC). The case raised an interesting point in confiscation proceedings concerning the availability of unpaid criminal funds as an asset in the hands of the defendant.

Category: Organised/Financial Crime

R v Okoh and others

An 11-handed nationwide car-ringing conspiracy (VHCC)

Category: Organised Crime

R v. Okoronkwo

Appeared for female pastor from Nigeria alleged to have entered the UK with a large consignment of cocaine.

Category: Organised Crime

R v P

Birmingham CC Multi handed murder case involving main prosecution witness in police protection.

Category: Homicide & Corporate Manslaughter

R v Rooprai

An allegation of a multi-handed fire-bombing campaign in Bristol and Swindon, aimed at punishing an inter-faith marriage. The defendant who was the alleged ringleader had an unusual psychological deficit which led to a lengthy voire dire and expert evidence concerning the admissibility of extensive interviews without an appropriate adult.

Category: Serious Violence

R -v- Sadat-Djavaheri and Others

Representing the first defendant on a three-handed indictment alleging money laundering of over £6 million of criminal monies believed to have its origins in drugs supply. The defendant was a 65 year old man of previous good character who was previously employed by the Iranian Government. The case involved the transfer of cash across international borders and the operation of an intricate "trust" banking system. Prosecuted by HM Revenue & Customs. Following a lengthy trial and at the close of the prosecution case, all three defendants were acquitted by direction of the Trial Judge.

Category: Organised/Financial Crime

R v Tasci & others

Multi handed conspiracy to facilitate the importation of illegal immigrants.

Category: Organised Crime

R -v- Teixeira

Representing a 50 year old Portuguese man of previous good character who was arrested and charged with the brutal murder of his three year old daughter and the attempted murder of his nine year old son.

Category: Homicide & Corporate Manslaughter

R -v- Walcott

Representing a young male defendant on a charge of domestic murder. Proceeded to trial and ran defence of self-defence.

Category: Homicide & Corporate Manslaughter

R v Watters & others

A multi -handed large scale drugs conspiracy. The ring leaders received sentences in excess of 20 yrs.

Category: Organised/Financial Crime

R -v- Weaver and Others

Representing the second defendant in a multi-handed conspiracy to produce and supply counterfeit currency, namely £20 sterling notes and 50 Euro notes. Due to the scale and professionalism of the criminal enterprise, the operation was described as being one of the largest breaches of the UK's banking system to date and the value of the counterfeit notes recovered from circulation was such as to undermine the European Bank.

Category: Organised/Financial Crime

R v Yildiz

The dual handed murder trial of a father and his 16 year old son. Acted for the father who spoke no English. The father was acquitted and the son convicted. Given the nature of the relationship between the two defendants the case called for delicate and difficult judgements.

Category: Homicide & Corporate Manslaughter

Work undertaken by Crown Court Advocates / Counsel includes:

R v LM and Others:

Instructed as Junior acting alone for the Defence in an attempted armed robbery of a money exchange shop. Case involves complex legal argument in relation to identification as well as extensive cross-examination of expert witnesses.

R v LJ:

Instructed as Junior acting alone for the Defence in a historic prostitute rape case dating back 20 years. The Defendant had significant relevant "bad character" and the case involved difficult legal argument and complex and sensitive cross examination

R v LW and Others:

Multi-handed conspiracy to kidnap and incitement to commit sex offences, filmed on a mobile phone (happy slapping), special measures for all civilian witnesses, video-link: Junior for the Crown

R v NM:

Sentencing - a suspended sentence for a city secretary who stole £17,000 from her employer a large investment bank - successfully arguing the principles decided in R v SJ(CA) above.

R v PF:

Junior instructed alone for the Defence in a serious robbery involving Queens Evidence from a former co-defendant. Not guilty verdicts entered in respect of the robbery following Judges ruling on disclosure arguments

R v SJ:

Successful appeal against sentence for a breach of trust case (theft from a charity) ranging into hundreds of thousands of pounds, reduced on appeal from 3 years to 18 months. Successful legal argument involving the effect of inflation on the sentencing guidelines in R v Barrick and R v Clark.

R v SM and Others:

Junior for main defendant in attempted murder (drive-by shooting).

R v SR ex parte Snaresbrook Crown Court:

Judicial review against a refusal to grant bail in respect of a severely epileptic man who had lost the benefits of the Custody Time Limits Regulations as he was awaiting a re-trial for many months due to listing problems at Court.

R v SR:

Successful applications to dismiss and ultimately a successful submission of no case in a series of alleged robberies of banks and bookmakers.

R v XM and Others:

Instructed as Junior acting alone for the Defence to represent one defendant in a large alleged credit card cloning ring charged under the Fraud Act 2006.

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